Mini HD9 Touch

Key Features

  • Chemiluminescence, and visible marker
  • Bioluminescence, in vivo by luciferase
  • Optional fluorescence and visible imaging
  • Optional epifluorescence on Western blots RGB and NIR
  • Multiplexing ready and optional In Vivo by RFG /GFP
  • Quantification and documentation
  • Gene expression, Protein expression, RNA/DNA Assay, colonies
Special Requirements?


The Alliance Mini Range is currently being updated and will be unavailable until further notice, please see our new alternative, the Alliance Q9 Advanced

Mini HD9 Touch can come as a dedicated chemiluminescence system or a combined imaging platform with UV fluorescence transiluminator. UV tables/modules may be incorporated at any time, thanks to the patented plug-and-play system, such as our RGB Chroma module for epi fluorescence on Western blots. You will be seduced from the moment you start using Mini HD9 Touch. This system features outstanding camera performance combined to fully automatic acquisition mode, motorized lens aperture, automatic light control, auto-exposure, very robust hardware and sophisticated touch screen software interface. Mini HD9 Touch is ideal for both documentation and quantification. The complimentary license-free software NineAlliance’s fantastic ease of use is ideal for multi-user environments. Image editing, enhancement, and analysis available at all times and extremely easy to use. Advanced Uviband software could complete your scientific imaging package for sophisticated analysis and datable storage of analysed results.

  • Super 9-megapixel native resolution camera
  • 16-bits depth (65,535 shades of gray)
  • Dynamic range 4.8OD
  • Design dedicated to Western blot detection and quantification
  • Scientific grade CCD camera
  • Electronically variable shutter speed
  • Cooling 3-stage Peltier -60°C regulated for the lowest noise
  • 35x35cm footprint
  • No maintenance required
  • Robust steel and stainless steel construction
  • Advanced Uviband software available
  • Good laboratory practice (GLP) files
  • IQ/PQ/OQ procedures available
  • Very large aperture F0.90
  • 4-position filter wheel
  • SSD internal Drive
  • Huge TFT touch screen,
  • Wifi and networkable


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