Dry Cellulose Acetate Membranes


Key Features

  • CellasMEM dry cellulose acetate membranes available in popular 25×76, 60×76 and 94x76mm sizes
  • Ideal for use within the CSL-CELLAS system
  • Robust Mylar film backing allow CellasMEM membranes to be used on automated platforms
  • Infinite shelf life
  • Compatible with manual and automated systems from leading clinical electrophoresis brands, such as Helena Laboratories, Interlab and Seleo
Special Requirements?


Although CellasGEL cellulose acetate gels have a number of advantages over traditional dry cellulose acetate membranes, many manual systems and modern robotic platforms still use dry cellulose acetate membranes, which are usually supported on a plastic backing. Consequently, in order to address this demand, Cleaver Scientific has developed CellasMEM – a range of dry cellulose acetate membranes supported on a Mylar film.

Each CellasMEM dry cellulose acetate membrane is available in 25x76mm (CSLMEM257650), 60x76mm (CSLMEM607625) and 94x76mm (CSLMEM947625) plate sizes, and is compatible with the manual and automated platforms of many leading and emerging brands within the clinical electrophoresis market, including: Helena Laboratories, Interlab and Seleo.

CellasMEM is supplied either as individual packs of 25 or 50 strips to perform manual assays for Serum Protein (Dysproteinaemia; Incipient Gammopathies) and Haemoglobin Analyses (Haemoglobinopathies such as Thalassaemias and Sickle Cell Disorders).

CellasMEM membrane plates are available in many different sizes and quantities ranging from the market-leading Helen Titan 3 manual system to punched dry membrane plates compatible with the strip-holders of automated systems from Genio Interlab and SELEO. Also listed are CellasMEM membranes for older systems – some of which are obsolescent – that are still in use today.

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This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Unit Dimensions (cm)25.0 x 8.02.5 x 7.63.0 x 7.65.7 x 7.66.0 x 7.66.0 x 7.66.7 x 8.97.4 x 13.67.6 x 18.07.6 x 21.07.6 x 2.37.6 x 6.07.6 x 6.27.8 x 22.78.0 x 12.58.0 x 22.59.4 x 13.59.4 x 7.6
Pack Size255025252425302525252525252525252525