RunFAST High Efficiency Horizontal Gel Cooling

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Key Features

  • Effective cooling
  • Cools without external chilling systems
  • Improves gel resolution and reduces run times
RunFAST Gel Cooling Table MSMINICP
Placeholder MSSCRNCP
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RunFAST Gel Cooling Table MSMIDICP
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Comprising a removable Gel Platform and CoolPack the unique runFAST system will cool the buffer chamber of multiSUB horizontal gel units without any external chilling. Simply place the platform over the running tray and place a pre-chilled CoolPack on top. This allows the CoolPack to sit above the gel in buffer directly removing any heat generated.

To use the RunFAST High Efficiency Horizontal Gel Cooling System

  1. Fill the tank with buffer and load samples
  2. Insert the platform above the gel
  3. Place the pre-frozen cool pack onto the platform
  4. Connect to power supply and run samples at higher voltage

Ordering Information

MSMINICP Cool-Pack and Platform for MSMINI
MSMIDICP Cool-Pack and Platform for MSMIDI
MSCHOICECP Cool-Pack and Platform for MSCHOICE
MSMAXICP Cool-Pack and Platform for MSMAXI
MSSCREENCP Cool-Pack and Platform for MSSCREEN