Consort C1010 pH Meter Kit


Key Features

Ideally suited to the measurement of electrophoresis buffer pH, Consort pH meters may also be used to measure conductivity, total dissolved salt, salinity and temperature.

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One pH/mV channel
One conductivity/oxygen channel

A high resolution graphic screen with white backlight shows measurements and temperature.
Full guidance is given by simple instructions on the display in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German).
Shows a GLP report on the screen.
Robust dust and splash-proof cabinet.
Operates on the mains (100…240 VAC), rechargeable batteries or 9…15 VDC.
Optional 12 V car adaptor permits this laboratory meter to work in a car.


Ordering Information

 C1010P Meter Kit for pH   C1010 + pH/ATC electrode SP10T + 2×50 ml buffers (pH 4 and 7) + 50 ml electrolyte (3M KCl)
C1010K Meter Kit for Conductivity Meter kit for conductivity: meter + conductivity/ ATC electrode SK10T + 50 ml conductivity standard (0.01 M KCl)
 C1010T Meter Kit for pH  C1010 +pH/ACT electrode SP10T + conductivity/ATC electrode SK10T + dissolved oxygen electrode SZ10T + 2 x 50ml buffers (pH 4 and 7) + 50 ml electrolyte (3MKCl) + 50 ml conductivity standard (0.01 M KCl)



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