cellasKIT: Serum and Concentrated Urine IFE

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2x semi-micro tests (1x serum and 1x urine) for 1 patient performed on 6x CellasGEL strips (2.5x14cm; 190mm) on 3x bridges in 1x CSL-CELLAS.

Kit content, sufficient for 5 patients (10x semi-micro tests):

30 CellasGEL strips & TGS buffer; Coomassie stain, clearing & saline solutions; volumetric distributors & antisera (anti- IgG, IgA, IgM, Ig & Ig); blotting paper & mylar film. Excludes: Destain.

Catalogue Page Number: 52

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.



cellasGEL Applicators
cellasGEL Applicators
CSLAPP £306.00
CELLAS Bridge 8.5 cm
CELLAS Bridge 8.5 cm
CSLBDG8.5S £66.00