Battery Gel


Key Features

Designed specifically with safety & cost constraints in mind, this system is ideal for education as no power supply is required – only batteries.

  • Low voltage makes the MSBGEL ideal for use in schools and colleges where safety is paramount
  • Integrated safety lid makes the gel inaccessible during use
  • UV-transparent acrylic for direct visualisation of the gel within the tank
  • Small size minimises buffer and gel consumption
  • Cost-effective; no need for expensive power supplies, or transilluminators if supplied with optional kit
Special Requirements?


The MSBGEL battery mini-gel is designed specifically with safety and cost in mind; as no power supply is necessary. Results are obtainable within 1.5 hours if used with our completely safe educational electrophoresis kit, which is free of ethidium bromide. It includes non-toxic electrophoretic dyes, spotting pipettes, agarose, buffer and classroom protocols.

Education kits are available which include:

  • Protocols
  • Non-toxic electrophoretic dyes
  • Agarose
  • Buffers

Ordering information

Battery Gel has now been discontinued but is available as a custom order product depending on quantity.

Technical Specifications

Gel dimensions (w x l) 6 x 7.5cm
Unit dimensions (w x l x h) 17 x 11 x 3.5cm
Max. sample capacity 32 samples
Buffer volume 50ml

Combs available

No. of samples 4, 8, 12, 16
Thicknesses 1mm


Replacement Platinum Wire 0.2mm – 50cm
RPW0.2 £70.00
Comb 4 sample, 1mm thick
MSBG-1-4 £16.00
Comb 8 sample, 1mm thick
MSBG-1-8 £16.00
Comb 12 sample, 1mm thick
MSBG-1-12 £16.00
Comb 16 sample, 1mm thick
MSBG-1-16 £16.00
PP3 batteries for MSBGEL Pk/2
Casting gates Pk/2 for MSBGEL
MSBGEL-CG £12.00