Combination 3-D shaker


Key Features

  • Continuous or timed operation with automatic shut-off

  • Variable shaking speed form 5 to 100rpm for mixing and washing action

  • Two shaking movements in 2D or 3D

  • Adjustable platform angle

  • Interchangeable / stacking platforms, and accessories for a variety of vessels.

  • 33 lb (15kg) carry capability

  • One of 4 digital red LED display

  • High quality DC Brushless motor

  • Extendable shelf

  • Light weight for easy mobility

  • Very easy maintenance

  • 33 x 33cm platform

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The CW-23 includes a 33x33cm platform whose 3-D Gyratory action is ideal for gentle, foamfree washing of delicate cell lines within tissue culture. An optional water bath (CW-WB) may be mounted on the gyratory platform for nucleic acid hybridisation applications.

Features and benefits include;

  • Outstanding uniform motion and low noise

  • Microprocessor-based keypads with digital control and display of pre-set time, continuous time, operation mode and speed

  • High quality stain resistant platforms with non-slip rubber mats

They are lightweight and portable for easy transfer from the bench to incubator and cold room alike, while additional platforms may be added for increased capacity.


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