Compact, Low-cost Gel Image Capture & Documentation System

The latest products to be introduced by electrophoresis specialists CLEAVER SCIENTIFIC (CSL) are their new gel documentation and analysis systems omniDOC and omniDOCi. These units provide researchers with a quick, simple and flexible solution for their gel documentation needs in a compact and affordable bench-top unit.

omniDocThe integral 5 megapixel camera combined with CSL basic gel analysis software ensures a perfect image every time along with the provision for image analysis. By providing many of the features used by leading gel documentation brands, but without the added price premium, each omniDOC system provides a simple yet sophisticated imaging solution for most laboratories and most budgets.


The 5 mp camera with slide-out UV transilluminator, optional blue epi-illumination module and white light table, makes the omniDOC suitable for imaging most fluorescent and colourmetric gels. The USB port requires a cable to connect the dark room assembly to an external PC for control, while imaging applications are simplified by the pre-focused camera that requires little, or no manual adjustment. The result is easy one click image acquisition with analysis software guiding the user through every step of the gel documentation process.

The LED indicator panel provides an at-a-glance check that the light source is in use and the viewing screen with universal filter and spring-loaded cover facilitates safe and convenient gel inspection.

The omniDOCi shares all the same features of the standard omniDOC, but with the added benefit of wireless connectivity to a remote laptop or tablet. Simply place the gel on the transilluminator or white light within the darkroom and then begin image capture using your preferred excitation source and filter, either by pressing the tabs on the omniDOC’s front panel colour touchscreen, or by following the prompts within the software on your laptop or tablet. Cont…

Once image acquisition is complete the gel may be analysed immediately using the complimentary analysis software included, or saved for later to perform analysis at a more convenient time and place.

The software is downloadable as an app to iPAD, Windows® and Samsung Android tablets to provide full touchscreen remote control making the omniDOCi possibly the most portable, versatile imaging system available.

See omniDOC Datasheet

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