Electrophoresis specialists CLEAVER SCIENTIFIC (CSL) have introduced a new range of 10 x 10cm Precast Gels which are ideally suited to all SDS-PAGE applications. PAGE-PRO Precast gels provide fast run times from 45 to 75 minutes and a superior performance compared to traditional Laemmli gels.

PAGE-PRO gels have a specially formulated proprietary gel matrix composition which ensures their enhanced performance and a guaranteed shelf-life of a minimum of 12 months.

Available in single and gradient percentage acrylamide compositions, PAGE-PRO gels are manufactured using an automated filling technique that ensures total reproducibility between batches. They can also be used with standard Tris-MOPS, Tris-HEPES and Tris Tricine SDS running buffers and are suitable for use with Cleaver Scientific’s omniPAGE mini vertical electrophoresis and blotting systems.

They are available in 10 (30µL per well) and 15 well (15µ per well) formats and are compatible with most apparatus, including the XCell SureLock™ precast gel systems. Optional sample kits are available, containing sample and running buffers and PAGE-PRO colorimetric stain that develops protein gels within 15 minutes.

To enable users to test the benefits of PAGE-PRO precast gels, Cleaver Scientific are offering FREE sample gels to try.