Phoretix 1D


Key Features

Phoretix 1D – Overview

Phoretix 1D is the premium 1D Gel analysis product on the market.

As well as all of the automated features available in the 1D Gel analysis module of TotalLab Quant it can also perform complex band pattern matching across a gel, which is essential in sample strain analysis, such as cultivar experiments, evolutionary biology and population genetics

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Fast Accurate Quantitation

Highly developed algorithms accurately detect lanes and bands even on distorted gel images. Results can be verified using the range of visualisation tools which aid further examination of lane and band data.

Calibrate the bands using Molecular Size standards and derive accurate quantitation from known band volumes.

1d gel dendrogram

Cope with the most demanding analysis

In many cases gel images created in pattern matching experiments are large and there can be significant lane distortion across the image. Phoretix 1D allows you to account for these distortions and significantly improve Molecular Size calibration and matching results

Performs precise band pattern matching of all lanes together or against a set of defined reference lanes.

Finally, your analysed experiment can be sent to Phoretix 1D Pro for further data mining and in-depth lane relationship studies.

Free Copy of TotalLab Quant

In addition to Phoretix 1D you also receive a full working copy of TotalLab Quant that operates on the same PC – representing excellent value and great flexibility.


Technical Specification

  • Compatible with 21CFR part 11 compliance module
  • Automatic detection of lanes and bands
  • Automatic background subtraction
  • Image manipulation tools
  • Lane templates
  • Molecular weight calibration
  • Quantity calibration & normalisation
  • Profile deconvolution
  • Rf calibration
  • Band picking
  • Band pattern matching - single gel
  • Dendrogram - single gel
  • Reports
  • Array analysis module
  • Colony counting module
  • Toolbox for general analysis