Phoretix 1D Pro


Key Features

Phoretix 1D Pro – Overview

Phoretix 1D Pro allows you to perform large dataset investigations in a fast and easy to use interface. It includes Phoretix 1D analysis software together with a robust database to create a powerful analysis platform.

Phoretix 1D Pro can be used for sample strain analysis, such as cultivar experiments, evolutionary biology and population genetics using techniques such as DGGE, RFLP and PFGE.

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Compare lanes from multiple gels and experiments

The Phoretix 1D Pro software is extremely powerful as it allows a completely flexible approach to matching. Each individual lane can be compared to any other lane within the database. The results of matching across many gels can be presented as a dendrogram or tables that show all the band and lane similarities.

Identifies lane relationships across many experiments

Clustering lanes using dendrograms, which allow the study of relationships between lanes stored in the database, are easy to create from the match results. Once built, the dendrogram is scalable and fully interactive, to allow a flexible presentation of lane relationships. The dendrogram also allows you to create groups of related lanes that can then be reported on in a cluster table.

Classifies unknown samples

Lanes containing unknown samples can be identified and classified against a defined reference library of identified samples. Maintenance of the library is very straightforward and it can be easily shared with co-workers to facilitate collaboration on large projects.


Technical Specification:

  • Automatic detection of lanes and bands
  • Automatic background subtraction
  • Image manipulation tools
  • Lane templates
  • Molecular weight calibration
  • Quantity calibration & normalisation
  • Profile deconvolution
  • Rf calibration
  • Band picking
  • Band pattern matching - single gel
  • Band pattern matching - lanes across multiple gels
  • Band pattern queries
  • Dendrogram - single gel
  • Dendrogram - lanes from multiple gels
  • Data archive and search facility
  • Classification and identification tools
  • Reports
  • Array analysis module
  • Colony counting module
  • Toolbox for general analysis