Alliance 9.7 Chroma

Key Features

  • Chemiluminescence, bio-luminescence, fluorescence and visible
  • Multiplexing and bio fluorescence ready
  • Quantification and documentation
  • Gene expression, protein Expression; RNA/DNA assay, colonies
  • In vivo by luciferase and In vivo RFP/GFP
  • Open to most dyes available on the market from Invitrogen, GE life science, Thermo Pierce, Sigma, Millipore, Promega, Licor
Special Requirements?


Chroma multi-wavelength special netLED Laser diode technology is a powerful epi-illumination source for western blot which enlarges a wide range of fluorescence dye applications for your Alliance system. Enter the exciting, new laboratory world of fluorescent Western blotting, in-vivo, protein imaging, near infra-red and infra-red detection, bio-luminescence, and biofluorescence. Chroma applications include SYBR-Green®, Qdots®, Alexa Fluor®, Cy®, Dylight® and LI IR® . Chroma features multiwavelength illumination on adjustable arms, from blue, green, red, up to near infra-red and infra- red. Simply select the color channel or the protocol and get the excitation!

The Chroma multi-wavelength is available in a variety of models to fit your budget and application. Options include, for instance, single blue excitation channel up to the most complete platform of multichannel excitations. The motorized, multiple position filter wheel can accommodate your own custom emission filters in addition to our large choice of factory filters. You can create your own multiplexing protocol and our Alliance 9.7 Chroma will manage the filter positioning, excitation light on/off process and the multi-image acquisition in a completely automatic way.

  • Scientific grade CCD camera
  • Super HD 9 megapixel native camera resolution
  • Near infrared, infrared, visible (RGB, white) and UV excitation
  • Powerful long lasting LED,
  • Laser diode netLED based CHROMA technology
  • Custom filters available
  • Motorized multi position filter wheel
  • 16-bit depth camera (65 535 grey levels)
  • Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
  • Electronically variable shutter speed
  • Cooling -60°C, regulated 3 stage Peltier for the lowest noise
  • Robust steel and stainless steel darkroom construction, epoxy painted, chemical resistant
  • Roll-out transilluminator, UVI pure patented option
  • Advance UVIband software available
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) file
  • IQ/PQ/OQ available
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